"Try Before You Buy" Temp-to-hire staffing offers you the unique option to evaluate an employee’s performance on-site before making a final hiring decision. This ensures the new employee is a good fit both culturally and with the skillsets needed.

Depending upon timeframe prior to the conversion into a full-time employee, this service could be offered at minimal or no cost at the time you chose to covert the resource to a full-time employee. Contact an N-Tier Solutions representative today to discuss what options work best for your company.

Benefits of Utilizing Temp-to-Hire Staffing

  • Improved Workforce Performance

    • Choice of top performers to transition to permanent employee status
    • Converted employees already know the position, expected responsibilities and your company
    • Successful employees are more likely to stay satisfied and become higher performers
  • Cost Savings

    • Voluntary and involuntary turnover rates are reduced
    • Decreased recruiting costs through experience-based hiring
    • Greater control over the hiring process
    • Reduced time-to-hire time frames

Contract Staffing

At N-Tier Solutions, we specialize in placing highly-qualified, turn-key professionals in positions to support your upcoming projects, meet seasonal requirements, and reduce your workforce during slow periods. Hiring talented resources on a contract basis allows you to maintain consistent personnel while reducing employee-related costs.

Through our proven process, we continue to find quality and quantity, fast and within your budget. Reach out to N-Tier Solutions to discuss your upcoming projects that are in need of hard-to-find contract resources.

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Permanent Placement

Adding a full-time employee can be a full-time job. After taking the time and energy to write a job description, interview candidates, delegate resources for onboarding and training, you can still never be certain if you have found the suitable candidate.

N-Tier Solutions’ direct hire team takes all of these costs and headaches off of your shoulders. We are committed to developing long-lasting relationships with our clients and make it our business to know your business. By taking the extra time to understand your needs, we are able to tap into our extensive network of individuals to find the most talented professionals in the industry. At N-Tier Solutions, we treat every job opening as if we were hiring for our own team.

We don’t stop there. Any time before, during, and after a permanent placement, N-Tier Solutions is always available for assistance. Regular follow-up calls are made to ensure that both you and the employee are satisfied with the placement. Let us provide your organization long-term human capital.

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Business Process Outsourcing

Here at N-Tier Solutions, we understand the changing needs of our clients, and the need to provide excellence across multiple industry verticals. With our outsourcing model, we help companies transfer a portion of their business functions so they can focus on their core competencies and essential business activities. We offer customers with quality services in IT Staffing, Call Center, Data Entry, Finance and Accounting.

N-Tier Solutions' international office in Cebu, Philippines is ready to help you grow! We take pride in hiring top manpower resources for you and your company. All of our resources are college graduates who have extensive experience in the field, have excellent communication skills as well as unparalleled loyalty and dedication in everything they do.

Contact us today to discuss how Business Process Outsourcing can provide your business a competitive advantage.

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